Not possible to move a Project to custom column / assign a new status

I get the error: ‘Status cannot be “In Progress”. It should be one of “Open”, “Completed”, “Cancelled”’ when try to move a project to another status in Kanban view.
I added a new column named “In Progress”.

Did you solve the issue? I am also trying to add new status to project but I get the same error.

Also tried to customize the project form to add status and also is not possible. When you try to add new status to field, it says that “You can’t set ‘Options’ for field Status”.

So, I tried to add status using a custom workflow for projects. After adding my customs statuses, I can change the project to different statuses, but kanban is linked to project statuses and not to the new field created with the workflow, which is workflow_status.

Is there any way to get the project kanban linked to my workflow status or to define new status for project?

After investigating more, I have found that is a problem about how erpnext is designed. Yo can find more information here:

fix!: block customizing select field type options by ankush · Pull Request #16157 · frappe/frappe (

The development tema changed the status field, so you cannot add more items and there is no way to have a custom new project status.

Yes, it is unfortunate to disable the creation of custom status codes, instead of adding some additional logic to handle them (kind of contrary to ERPNext’s “most agile ERP” philosophy).

Other systems can handle custom status codes. But for ERPNext to properly handle these, the status codes would likely need to be moved from hard-coded select fields (that don’t have any associated metadata) into a separate linked table, where you could associate categories and behaviors to each status code. That way, any custom status codes wouldn’t break the current business logic as long as they are defined correctly in the status code table.

A problem is changing status from select to a linked field would also disallow use of the Kanban board, unless the Kanban could be updated to support linked fields (which would be great).

But of course adding that logic would take some effort, I’m not sure it’s on anyone’s roadmap.