Not printing second page

When I am raising a new Quotation, it is showing properly but when I am trying to print to PDF, it is showing correctly on the screen but when it is getting converted into PDF, I am not able to see the second page properly.

Also, how to see that Page header and footer are disabled.

could you please elaborate this?

Also, you can unselect “Letter Head” checkbox on the print page to disable header/footer.

Hope this helps!

When the quotation is two - three pages, it is showing on the screen properly but when I am trying to convert into PDF, in the output of the PDF, it is not showing the content,

In the second page, it is completely empty. Also, if after disabling the header & footer, it is still showing (you can see in the screenshot)

Use low resolution images. Also have break if your description text if long.

Hi there,

I am also facing the same issue when the documents which can span multiple pages are printed to PDF from the Print command.

Example documents are:
Quotation, Invoice, Purchase order, Purchase invoice, etc

I am using a manual install of ERPNext
OS: Raspbian Buster
Config: Pi 2 B Board
Current Bench Version: 4.1.0
Current ERPNext Version: 12.5.2
Current Frappe Version: 11.1.44

This may not explain or fix your problem case - but these apps share a code dependency, and note that this indicates the pair are on separate code branches…

The problem existed before I entered into this issue. I have started a separate thread for this.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have included this to avoid confusion. Let’s just assume that ERPNext Version was 11.1.44 when the problem was observed.