Not showing attach field and attach image field for read only users

When Image/ File is not attached in the Attach filed and Attach Image field, when a read only user open the form it is not displaying. When Image/ File are attached, The field is displaying and read only.

If nothing is attached the field should be displayed and read only for read only users.

Is there any solution.


Please check once:

I believe it will work for you.

hi @Manav_Mandli

Actually the scenario is for User 1, The Attach field will be editable and displayed. Once the form is saved by User1, User 2 will open the saved form. For user 2 the Attach field will be read only. When no file is attached by user 1 , user 2 is not able to see the field. When attached user 2 can see and it is read only.

My query is when files are not attached, why the field is going hidden to user 2.

Is there any solution?