Not visible child companies to user

I was creating some user roles. My requirement is like this:
I have one Parent company called Parent Company A and i have added 2 more companies Child A, Child B and selected their parent company as Parent Company A.
And i have added user permission as company value as Parent Company A for a user. But this user can see only this Parent Company A, ideally the child companies also should visible right ??

what is the issue in this ? how can i make both parent and child companies visible for a user ??

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@Pawan @adnan @clarkej @rmehta Any updates on this ??

You will have to add child companies also to user permissions. Also, kindly avoid personal tagging as replies on the forum are voluntary.

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Thank you, this is indeed the reason in my case and your workaround (adding to User Permission List) works.

However, do you “why” that the primary/first company is by default visible to all users.

But when I create additional companies, especially child companies of another top-level company, they’re not by default visible to all users. Where does ERPNext store this list of “publicly viewable companies with explicitly adding user permissions”?