Not work autofilters in user report (writed sql script)

Not work autofilters in user report (writed sql script)
This is first result of request:

In Erpnext 8 filter work normally:

In erpnext it’s not work !!!

What changed?

If i try filteres by part of word - it’s work, but by part of digits - not work

Sorry, not write not work in last Erpnext 11

All fixed (take some from erpnext 12)

Can you be more specific, it seem this error haven’t been fixed after update frappe datatable

/home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/node_modules/frappe-datatable/dist/ frappe-datatable.cjs.js
from erpnext 12 beta - some parts (guessFilter and other) this file, and all work

After change file - rebuild js

I have deploy instance of ERPNext v12 and can’t achieve old behavior. I have update Frappe DataTable to newest version but I only work in Number Type Column, in text column like Item Code or Item Name, searching number in these field don’t trigger contain.