Note Module Extra Fields

Erp next is now called the knowledge base a NOTE

Note module has only a text editor filed named Content.

i added to extra costume fields

so now the Note has a Three text editors


Content 2

Content 3

now when i open the Note BY default it Display Only the Content

and in order to be able to see the added custom fields i have to press edit.

i need to display the THREE Content fields without need to press EDIT.

how should we a achieve that ?

Good day, @sheno . Can you provide a screenshot for me to understand what you want to achieve.

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Thx alot dear for help

there is a button Edit on the right hand
if we press it we can see all the forum

what i want to achieve is i want to see the full forum without pressing on EDIT

Because Later i will creat a groups

group 1 can only read the full document
group 2 can read and edit

so on …

so if group 1 that privileged with only read so they cant see the full documents and this is not what i need

Great, let me recreate this. I will get back to you once I have a solution for your problem.

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Thx a lot dear for your support