Nothing changed after coding .py files


Anyone please help me. Now I’m trying to customize some functions in .py files (e.g. apps/erpnext/erpnext/config/). However, after customizing, there’s no effect to ERPNext structure.
Could you please let me know what do I have to do after coding into .py files? I’ve used “bench build” and “bench migrate” but nothing happened.



did u try to delete *.pyc in config folder?

Thanks so much for your reply. I already deleted *.pyc in the folder but there’s nothing affected to the site. Or after deleting *.pvc, I have to use some command to re-compile *.py, don’t I? If yes, what is that command?

Thanks in advance.


Additionally I used “pycompile *.py” in order to re-compile the customized python file but there’s still nothing affected to the site. Please suggest what I have to do. Thanks

try using bench restart

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Thanks! it works perfectly now.