Nothing is working after complete successful installation

Assets aren’t built properly bench build --force should fix this.

still not working.

why this is happening. can you please tell me?

All url request in network after inspecting element in browser getting 404 and 502

For eg.

this works but when try to switch to desk
no url working only blank pages are show like


bench build --force

If you use cloudflare then uncheck this

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I’m using cloudflare but during installation I’ve seen command automatically run related cloudflare.
is there any way in manual installtion where I can skip what you are saying.

Thank you.

Also you need purge Cache. from this check Cloudflare minify the js file that’s not correct one. that why nothing showing.

So if you flow this way, it should be work.

  1. diable minify js from cloudflare
  2. Purge Everything Cache from CloudFlare
  3. build assets again. and bench restart
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