Notice App: Notice Board

I observed that there is not app for issuing notices (like school issue notices for it students or any company / organisation need to issue notices for its staff / customers) like notice board app (or I have missed something).

If that is true, then I can contribute.

Or there is some existing App in erpNext which serves the purpose.


I would be interested in this app!

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Check out the ‘Note’ doctype from erpnext or frappe. It does exactly this. You post a note and select if for public or not and it will display the notice when users login.

It can be enhanced though.

  1. It needs to have the capability to select only certain users that will view it.

  2. It would be useful if you can pop up automatically on the screens of all logged in users. This would help if you wanted to notify users of some maintenance issue that is going to be done shortly or even bench restart.


The first release of App (work in progress):

You may see it at demo site:

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Thank you @mwogi

Will explore it.