Notification Centar V13 - Open documents works?

Hello everyone, I have an existential question about the new Notification Center in V13.

I can’t get anyone to answer anything referred to in the related issues, nor have I seen a screenshot that can give me an indication that it is working.

The question is that I don’t know how to show the documents that one follows up, which was for me one of the great novelties when it was launched: Anuncio Notification Center where unlike v11, one chose which documents one saw if.




I tried dozens of configurations and in different instances as I didn’t see anyone claiming this, so I’m not sure if I misunderstood something.

I didn’t find anything in the documentation either.

Thanks in advance.


I find it hard to believe that no one uses notifications.

It hurts me to see how beginner posts with “Help plis or Urgent” in the title or without any previous research sometimes get up to 10 replies, and from people I consider important.

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I do, we used to use notifications on v12, was really helpful to have that ordered. Still can’t understand why somethings that worked so well, someone decided to change for no good.

My knowledge coding is less than minimum, sometimes took me weeks or months to find a solution or definitevily have to let it pass, because it seems that the issue I’m having no one else is having or isn’t important.

Sorry Federico, I also haven’t found a solution to this. Good luck, hope you find it and share.


Most of the code related to document subscriptions (“Open Documents”) has been removed from v13, as seen here:

On quick search at least, the relevant setting subscribed_documents doesn’t appear to be used for anything. The setting itself, however, seems to have been forgotten and left in.

I suspect that the intention is for people to use workspaces and link cards instead. This makes sense in some regards, but the notifications dropdown could certainly use some love and attention. The notification system is extensible by design, and a developer should be able to add document-specific notifications in with relatively little work by extending the Notifications javascript class:

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Hi @peterg, excellent response. That’s what I suspected, but I didn’t see anyone talking about it.

Maybe make an issue on github to remove the configuration.

I hope this will be useful to others as well.



Open Documents that automatically picks up the pending draft in v12 was a very good user experience. I do not see why removing and manually adding link card is a better option.

This should be brought back, or discussed for alternate.