Notification Changes Not able to update the change after save

I creat notification send to alist of is work but when i add email to a list then save, it dosen’t update the new change.the new email not recive the notificatin although the other emails receive .I can’t seem to figure this out.
I’ll appreciate any help.


Where have you added the email? Is it in CC or as a role?

Please share a screenshot of the notification set so that we can get a fair idea of the issue at hand

I shared the screenshot. I add the email in cc and there is no problem with the notification configuration .the problem is not update what i add in is still just send to who i am added in CC at first time only.

So i tried this in v13 and it works fine. Looks like you added emails in cc after the notification was sent. The new email will work for a new notification. For example, if you have set a notification for every new Material Request, then notification will be sent to the emails in cc. Now lets say you added some more emails in cc, email wont be sent for the previous Material Request. The next time you create a new MR, email will be sent to all.
Hope this helps.