Notification E-mails are labelled as Spam


When we send E-mail Notifications (Notification DocType) based on the Other doctype events(submit, status changes), for some period, it was reaching fine in the inbox. However recently we find that those e-mails are marked as SPAM.

Are there any best practices to be followed in framing the Notification ? Any Idea why the E-mail could be marked as SPAM.


Not an expert by any means - there are many reasons why emails / domains get reported as SPAM - sometimes fake emails are being sent from another server with an email id associated with your domain. Have you implemented a dmarc record for your domain? More details here:

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Your concern is related your Email Service Provider, please connect to the concerned party.

@harshit-30 I think is very much a ERPNext issue. Support issues related to DMARC problem are lying pending for more than a year now.