Notification Emails Not Working

Hi All,

Been using the ERP for a while now.
For each opportunity or task there is a defaule assign button on the left.
On clicking this button, we get “Notify by email” option. Checking this option simply doesn’t send the email.

I have

  • A default inbox setup with ERP using Gmail SMTP
  • Have checked less secure apps on GMail
  • Setup custom email alerts and they seem to be sending ok
  • No entry on the email queue so there is no error.
    Checked bench doctor, bench build and everything is fine.
    Bench scheduler is also fine and running ok.


I also experience that case. I think you should create an email account per user.

for example:

“User A” create a task and assigned it to “User B”. “User A” should have its own email account to be able to notify “User B”.

Well that way works for me.


You can have a little workaround. On every assignation that is saved there is equivalent of “Todo” record that is also created. You can point your email alert on “Todo” doctype and make some conditions for task/opportunity reference type.

Hope it helps!


Thank you.
I solved this by creating an email alert for ToDo and sending an email when the todo was due.

No problem!

Good to know you solved it!