Notification every x days


I want to send a notification to users, if a project has a specific status more than 5 day and upcoming.

First notification date + 5
Second notification date + 10
Third notification date + 15

Therefore I created a custom date field (release_requested_date_check) which is filled with a date, when the status is changed to “Waiting for user info”
Based on that I set up a notification with Send Alert on Days After (5), based on release_requested_date_check and the condition doc.status==" Waiting for user info ".
This works fine.

My idea was to change the release_requested_date_check to today date during the notification, so I do not need to create notifications for all possible dates.
But this doesn’t work.
Set Property After Alert: release_requested_date_check
Value To Be Set: Today (somehow)

I tried it with nowdate(), nowdate(, frappe.datetime.nowdate() and all versions of this (datetime.nowdate(), …).

Is there any possibility to bring the today to this field?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / kind regards
Andreas Thür

no idea?

Back again, any idea???

You can try the new Auto Repeat in Version 12

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I think a notification every X days would be a great idea instead of having to create multiple notifications with different days

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