Notification for the Workflow status changed

I’ve created a Workflow State which has 8 Stages and the last stage is Approval of Senior Conformity Engg. He can Submit or Reject the Sales Invoice. As he Reject the Sales Invoice then it Should be Gone to 3 stage of the workflow which is " Assigned to Technical ".

How can i add a notification which should be send to the technical person that his Invoice is been Rejected.

Create a notification and in Send Alert On, select workflow state change and add the workflow state that you need to trigger the notification as the condition to the workflow state you want and select the role you want to receive the notification in the recipients table.

Hope this helps

So you can create a Notification in this case. Make sure to set Send Alert on Value Change. And make sure to mention the condition so that notification is triggered only for that particular state.

Check the screenshot below for an example.

I’ve attached a workflow state. In Which at Each Stage Every Role manager will manually assign the next stage to the user.
Eg: At the stage of “Assigned To HOS”. The user will click on Assign to and select the user and then Click on Submit. So the next stage is " Assigned to Technical " Thus the Assignment done in the previous stage will be assigned in the Next Stage

Now in the 3rd stage " Assigned to HOS " he will assign manually a user example Vishnu Aier and click on submit after this the stage is "Assigned to Technical ". So in this stage "Assigned to Technical " user is Vishnu Aier is been Assigned.

After this all stages will work according to the workflow. When the Last Stage As "Sent for senior conformity engg " arrives, If the user Reject the Document then It should be send to the user in the stage of “Assigned To Technical Evaluation” i.e Vishnu Aier.

How A notification for this to be created? I’ve tried one.

Thanks both of you for your Valuable time. But i’m still Confused.