Notification Icons on desk icons


I have followed from many forum post and the tutorial videos to create an application successfully. Using the hooks file I have successfully managed to get the notifications to show on the top right corner of the desktop and have successfully managed to change the location for app and placed under CRM desktop icon.

My challange is - I cannot get the red number icon to show on my CRM icon like it does when I create a Purchase order etc. When i got to the documents to enter data I see the red number icon on the option under documents under CRM where I placed it. So the icon is showing in places correctly except the desktop CRM icon. Am I missing a configuration step?


I redone the module and app and it now shows on the module icon on desktop the number of unseen sessions…but whats really confusing me is that for the doctype I have this code

no matter what I set ‘seen’ to it always runs the else statement - which does not make sense… should this simple script not work as is…sorry for bugging anyone with this simple question but am I missing something…noob here - trying to do more coding so I can understand erpnext and frappe better - hopefully help with contributions in the future. But right now these types of issues are making me dizzy :wink:

any assistance is appreciated


Sorry all who read this for wasting your time :wink:

I found the solution - my ‘seen’ field was a data field and not a check field, silly mistake

Moving on to the next step now. Please close this post. Thnx