Notification in module

have create new appraisal and keep as waiting for approval. in supervisor side there is no notification.

eg. in my Employee Appraisal there is new Appraisal created but no Notification show.
i have work flow: There are three step work flow.

  1. 1st employee will create appraisal and apply
  2. 2nd Supervisor will Verified employee appraisal.
  3. 3rd Reviewer will Approve the appraisal

according to this workflow i want to display notification.


Can you share your “Workflow” set up screenshot?

@Pawan, below is my Workflow

Assuming you are on version 11, can you check if you have the below check box selected?


@Pawan, check box is not there… and i am using version 7.

You may have to write custom server side code to achieve this then or upgrade to v11 :slight_smile:

@Pawan, i can’t update to v11, because i have created lots of new module and written code and modify also. I have install not from erpnext GitHub, from one of my friend GitHub.

can you help me to write code