Notification On Submit

Where can I find the status of each doctype attribute ?
I am trying to setup notifications on submit for Student fees , when the doc goes from draft to Unpaid. Also payment entry , if a payment is passed then it should send an email notification.
So I have tried

  • List item

doc.student_fees.status ==“1”

I get a attribute not found for object type.

Any guidance or tips would be appreciated.

I’m not sure what you mean by “status of each doctype attribute”. You can see a list of all fields in a doctype by viewing the doctype itself (type “Doctype list” in the search bar) or in the Customize Form tool.

Thanks for your response peterg … busy testing , will revert

hey peterg , managed to get it going , not the final cut, need to work on the email message its self.
at least now i am getting the doc on submit into my inbox and the emails are not giving us an error.