Notification settings for custom app

Please help me to know what to do to get notification on newly created app

like in schools module

you can configure it using Follow these steps for your custom app.


@Sangram @priya_s is this same way to set on custom app

for example i have an app xyz in that xyz i have doctype license details when status changes to some thing like expired i want to do get notification

so please help me to confirm that should i do the same above things or do i need to create new files in xyz apps folder


add notification_config in your custom app’s file.

notification_config = "path to your get notification's method"

write a method to get notifications in .py. Same as I explained in a previous reply.

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so like this

notification_config = “ims.ims.notifications.get_notification_config”

in of xyz app

and get_notification_config is in notification py

and should located in apps/xyz/xyz/xyz directory

and get_notification_config function has

return { “for_doctype”:
“Course License”:{“license_status”:“Expiring Soon” }

has some thing like this

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@Sangram i did above steps i am not getting any notification

return { 
	"for_doctype": {
		"Course License":{"license_status":"Expiring Soon"}

Check manually is there any Course License with license_status Expiring Soon. If It is available, make sure you gave correct path in -

Check existing notification functionality in frappe/ERPNext.



after bench clear cache
Yes it is working thanks