Notification SMS integeration Settlement Status changed

I need To send SMS for the Respective Customer once the Settlement status has changed to Approved.In Settlement Doctype there is a Customer Field but Customer mobile number is not in settlement doctype but the mobile number is on contact can i send sms to that customer once the status changes approved in settlement

Create a hidden field in Settlement doctype and pull phone number from Lead/Contact or Customer doctype. I think pulling from Customer Doctype is easier as you have already selected customer name in settlement doctype.

Now, goto notification doctype and create a new notification with SMS channel. If you have successfully pulled phone number in hidden field in Settlement doctype, you will see a phone number option in recipients list.

That should solve your problem.


Hi Anupd,

Huge Thanks for your reply, is there any possible to sending sms without pulling the Customer doctype and creating hidden field in settlement doctype?

Yes, if you can make changes to the code. You need to pull the phone number

Not recommended though.

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