Notifications after Workflow for Purchase Orders

Hi fellows!

I’m trying to set up for a long time my Notification, but wasn’t able.

I did all of Notification steps.

I’m configurating the contact_email, as I’m trying to sent do supplier the email…

After all configd, I’m still can’t send automatic notifications.

Can some of you help me?


Did you setup the default sending email account?


And, if I click on Email (Ctrl + E), it shows a pop-up with all the data to send the e-mail, and after fulfill it, the e-mail is sent.


My problem is how to config the automatic notification, to avoid memory issues, from Purchaser.


what is the trigger of notification? is on submit?


Yesterday, I received another Notification, so I will test a bit more, and answer you. I put my mail in CC, to be sure about…

It’s working. I’ve tried to put the trigger in workflow action and don’t know why wasn’t work. Now is working. Thanks!

how you did that ?
my requirement is to sent an email automatically in a document that has field contact_email which has supplier email id…
please guide me …
Thanks in advance