Notifications on new issues created


I am encountering an issue I would like help on.

I set auto delegation to be able to stream tickets and get a mail notification of a new ticket lodged.

Three issues I am stumped with maybe some guidance needed.

  1. I set autodelegation for two reasons the delegation itself and also to receive a notice of a support ticket via email - Am I missing something? Is there any settings to receive notifications in another way?

  2. Created a support email , and the assignment is working and I am receiving an autoreply although I am missing the script to hand over ticket data to the customer (ticket id or something)

  3. I receive auto replies when a ticket is created via email, but no reply if created via customer portal - any remedy to this?

You can use the Auto Reply feature for the customer to get notified:

This will automatically notify the Customer.

I assume you have created a Notification, irrespective of whether it is received from Email or Portal, you are supposed to get a reply.