Number Backup of getting set to Zero

Hi All,

I just noticed something, I updated the erpnext system to v7.1.3 but just noticed this now. I really cant say when exactly this happened but when I tired to download a backup file, there weren’t any files there. So I checked “Set Number of Backups” weirdly it was set as zero. There were back up files present before, It was a little scary going to the download back up screen find nothing there, I set it up right now and created a back up file for my uses now.

Its just that if something had happened, going to download back up section and finding nothing there is a something I am sure no one would want to see :smirk:

Thanks for the great work you all are doing


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@bibinqcs Thanks for reporting.

@shreyasp can you specifically set a patch to set it to 3 by default?