Number Card creation problem with SUM Aggregation for custom app

The “Document Register” custom document type has a “Currency” field with the required numerical data.
Even so, I can’t create a Number Card with SUM aggregation for custom app because there is no option to select in the “Aggregate function Based On” list field.

Would you please advise where the problem could be?

ERPNext version

Installed Apps
Documents App: v0.0.1 (main)
ERPNext: v13.15.0 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.15.0 (version-13)


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Hi do you by any chance find solutions for this? i have the same trouble

per the above program logic, for Currency field to be among the aggregate based on fields list, the options need to be set, refer to 2 currency fields from Purchase Order.
“fieldname”: “base_rounded_total”,
“fieldtype”: “Currency”,
“label”: “Rounded Total (Company Currency)”,
“options”: “Company:company:default_currency”,
“fieldname”: “grand_total”,
“fieldtype”: “Currency”,
“options”: “currency”,

It seems Currency is not treated as “number”. I also have the same problem.
One solution I think is to make custom field with number fieldtype, fetch from currency field, use this custom field to the card number.

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Hello I was wondering if you could help me? I would like to remove the rounding effect from a number card.
Ex: 4K to 4232.89. How would I go about it? I have don’t have a problem coding it but at the moment I have to edit the core code base to get it to work which is advised. Thanks in advance.