Number format on a report

hello, in erpnext i have in system settings → date and number format selected this number format #,###.## with precision 3 so basically numbers would be 1,234.123
in a report that i created how if i want the number to be taken from the database but shown as 1,234.12
i don’t wannt to round the number i just want to show 2 decimals.
i tried such thing , no error but didn’t work
CAST(tabSales as DECIMAL(10,2)) AS total,
so i cannot bypass the formatting number that i selected in the system settings?


frappe.utils.fmt_money('invoice_amount_field', precision=2, currency='invoice_currency')

thanks a lot for your help, how if i want to round the value with 2 precision decimal also ??
if i want to include the line code that you sent me how can i include it for this report for example for totalht

from __future__ import unicode_literals
import frappe
from frappe import _
import frappe.utils.fmt_money

def execute(filters=None):
	columns = get_columns()
	sl_sales_entries = get_sales_entries(filters)
	data = []
	for sle in sl_sales_entries:
		data.append([ sle.sales, sle.cust, sle.creation, sle.totalht, sle.vat, sle.totalttc ])
	return columns, data

def get_columns():
	"""return columns"""

	columns = [
	_("Sales Invoice")+":Link/Sales Invoice:120",
	_("Total HT")+":Float:140",
	_("Total TTC")+":Float:140"
	return columns

def get_sales_entries(filters):
	return frappe.db.sql("""
	`tabSales Invoice`.`name` AS `sales`,
	`tabSales Invoice`.`customer_name` AS `cust`,
	 STR_TO_DATE(`tabSales Invoice`.creation, '%%Y-%%m-%%d') as 'creation',
	`tabSales Invoice`.`total_ht` AS `totalht`,
	`tabSales Invoice`.`vat` AS `vat`,
	`tabSales Invoice`.`grand_total` AS `totalttc`
	`tabSales Invoice`)"""\
	.format(sle_conditions=get_sle_conditions(filters)), filters, as_dict=1)

def get_sle_conditions(filters):
	conditions = []
	return "and {}".format(" and ".join(conditions)) if conditions else ""

sorry i’m kind of new to reports if you can help with that , i would appreciate it