Number issue in ErpNext

Hi, I have version 13.26 installed but I experience the same issue in version 13.2 as well. In version 13.26, when I try to enter Qty as 5000. for example in purchase order or sales order or in any doctype, and click outside the text field after typing it immediately changes the number to 5.000 (as Qty 5). In version 13.2 I have to hit the Enter key to preserve the correct number but in version 13.26, it changes the number to 5.000 when pressing the Enter key or clicking outside the text box after entering the number and makes it impossible to enter a correct number.

Has anyone experience this issue and if so, how did you resolve?

AND it changed to this:


In System, System Settings, Date and Number Format, what is the number format set to?

Number format is set like this:

If there haven’t been any customizations to any of the forms , especially Quantity and Rate sections of the relevant child tables of the affected doctypes, try updating to the latest ERPNext and Frappe to see if the problem presistes.

I have updated erpnext from version 13.2 to 13.26 and still have the same issue. In fact in version 13.26 I see the issue worsen than in version 13.2. Not sure if this is a BUG or a setting somewhere.

@revant_one @smino I have updated to version 13.36 and still have the same issue. Is this a known BUG or an issue with the setting? I’ll have to get this version of erpnext live in production as soon as this issue is resolved, so any urgent help would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your time in advance.

Try changing the Float Precision to 3 instead of 6 and see if that changes anything.

Also check Nos in UOM list and make sure Must be Whole Number is checked or change the UOM to Unit and see if it helps.


@smino No luck! That didn’t resolve the issue and numbers greater than equal to 1000 are resetting back to single number. If I type 500, it’s OK but 5000, turns to 5.0

System Setting

Purchase Order

Are you having such problem with your version of ERPNext?

No problem here. Have you looked at Currency list to see if INR fractionals and format are correct?

I think so. This is how it looks.

I think I found the problem. Changing the Number Format to #,### seems to resolve the issue. Earlier it was set to #,###.## and creating problems. Anyways I think I am good to go now. My sincere thanks to you @smino for your time and help. Really appreciate it.