Number of vacation days

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I’m trying to understand Leave Allocation module.

I can’t find a place to place the number of vacation days for each employee (in the employee module), and if this doesn’t exist, I don’t understand how it calculates “Add unused leaves from previous allocations”.

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Hello Federico,

You use the leave allocation document to allocate vacation days for employee.

You will have created a leave type.

You will be required to key in the start and end date when allocating the leave days to the employee.

You can only use a leave type once for the same period (eg Jan 1/2017 to Dec 31/2017)

If you are creating leave allocation for another period say Jan 1/2018 to Dec 31/2018 you can decide to “Add unused leaves from previous allocations” in this case any unused leave by the employee for Jan/2017 to Dec 31/2017.

If you check the “Add unused leaves from previous allocations” box then the available leave for this employee will be the unused leave for 2017 plus the newly allocated leave for 2018.

However for this to happen the leave type must allow for carry foward. You chose the “is carry forward” option when creating the leave type.

I hope this answers your question?


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Hi, is there any way you can help check this issue out? Leave Balance is not updated after leave is approved.

This issue has also been raised on Github but so far it has not been looked into:

Is it possible to help on this as this has lingered on for a while.

I cannot replicate this issue.

I approved a leave request and the availability was appropriately updated, the employee is not able to apply for leave within the allocation period again.

Would you mind explaining the process you took and where you saw the issue?


Hi Olamide! excellent answer. Now I understand everything. Thank you very much.

Hi @flexy2ky. Your question has nothing to do with my practice. What you’re doing this way is messing up the conversation thread.
The correct way to insert a new query if it is not already loaded.

@federico_calvo Noted and thanks for the correction. I assumed practically everyone would be facing the same issue as it is tied to Leave/Vacation hence my intruding in your thread. Feel free to comment on the conversation thread created for the issue and linked to this one should you encounter this issue because as you will find in the thread, i didn’t create it and only followed up and added my voice after experiencing the same issue over a month after it was first discovered.

@olamide_shodunke I hope you don’t mind me moving my response to your question to the original post as i am being effectively kicked off this one by the reply above? I will answer your question by tagging you directly in the post and attach screenshots as well.

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@flexy2ky This is Ok

Lets review it together on the other post