Number rounding issue

I have been having issue of the numbers being rounded to the wrong one. We are using floating point up to 2 digits. And I have set the floating precision to 2 in system setting. For example, I have setup a tax rate of 7%. When I have a SO with the total amount of a number like $29,335.40, the calculated tax rate of 7% is $2053.478. The tax amount should be rounded up to $2053.48. However, the system is giving me $2053.47. Is there anything wrong here?

Please tell your “System Setting” - in that which ‘Number Format’ you have set .

‘Setup’ module-> ‘Setting’ menu->‘System Setting’ doctype → Date and Number Format section.

The problem is, system calculates item-wise tax rate to honor item specific rate. And while doing that after calculating item-wise tax amount, it also does rounding based on defined precision. Hence, when it calculates total_tax based on item-wise tax amount, sometimes it does not match with the amount if it is calculated directly based on net_total.

That could be a big problem for us because we have another supplier system
we use to place order and ERPNEXT is not generating the “correct” figure.
We have issue “matching” the figures.

Goh Yan Chang @mobile

Can we have an option to calculate tax based on the total amount instead of item wise and then total up? The system used by our vendor and customers are all using this method and our ERPNext sometimes can not create orders that match the figures with other systems and it has been a big problem for us.