OAuth2 - get_token received unsupported_grant_type

Hello supporter,

I used OAuth2 to login for my react application.

I get code from first request to “/api/method/frappe.integrations.oauth2.authorize”

But when i request to “/api/method/frappe.integrations.oauth2.get_token”, i received error: {error: “unsupported_grant_type”}

This’s paramter i sent to “/api/method/frappe.integrations.oauth2.get_token”

and my oauth config

Thanks for your support.

Try adding scope. Check this request:

Thanks for your support.

I’m used axios-oauth-client library and get id_token

But when i tried decode this token. I received Guest information:

This’s a response from erpnext server

Thanks for your help.

try to get the access token and use it in headers to get openid profile.

It not working

I’m received 403 error

First request get access_token:

Second request get openid_profile

Error received:

Thanks for your support @revant_one

share the repo or react code that I can try locally and debug.

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Hello, did you manage to get a solution to this? I’m getting the same issue