Observation Template

I am on bringing together elements for a flawless Laboratory setup. On creating a Sample Collection document, I notice that there is a mandatory column in the Samples table, named “Observation Template”, without filling which I cannot mark a sample “Collected”. Going through the docs, I could not find a conclusive explanation on what exactly is the Observation Template doctype. I perceived it like what observation are we looking for on collecting the sample for that specific Sample Collection Document. But the “is Billable” checkbox on creating an Observation Template document doesn’t say so. Could anybody please help me on this?

@fathimasayeeda When the “is_billable” option is selected in the Observation template, the system will automatically insert the item and its corresponding price upon saving. Subsequently, when generating a sales invoice and selecting the respective item, two different outcomes may occur based on additional conditions. If the “sample collection required” checkbox is checked, the system will create a Sample Collection. Conversely, if the checkbox is not selected, the system will generate an Observation.

@akash_krishna Thank you so much for taking time to help. To start with, what exactly is the role of Observation Template as such in sample collection?

Observation Template is to help in creating Observation - Like Clinical Procedure Template is for Clinical Procedure. In the case I mentioned above there will be multiple no. of tests one will have to get done and each time the sample collected need not to be the same sample. Thus to include all conditions the child table was introduced. By linking the Observation Template it will get to know that against which Observation this sample was collected.