October '21 Webinar

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all staying safe and sound!

We have been busy and have some interesting updates to share with you. Tune in to the live webinar on Thursday 21st October 2021, between 3 pm to 5 pm IST, to catch up about:

  1. Depreciation of assets: Handle credit notes and post-sale flows.
  2. Product Bundle: Choose how you want to bill.
  3. Multi-Round Interview: Schedule and conduct multiple rounds of interviews with ease.
  4. Handling FnF in HR: Now settle payables, receivables, and assets seamlessly during employee exit.
  5. Service Units Capacity Planning: Now book and manage service units based on capacity.
  6. Frappe Chat: A new way to interact with your prospects and more.

Don’t forget to save the date: 3 pm, 21st October 2021

To join the meeting, click here. Speak soon.
Passcode (if req): 743126



Is this for free?

No cost attached, so must be free :blush:

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Is it October or November? I see in Telegram people are saying November?

@dj12djdjs This looks like a new venue/medium that Frappe is opening. The date confusion that you see in Telegram is for the annual ERPNext Conference which WAS scheduled for October and got moved to November 19-20.



Notification: We will start in 15mins.


Can someone please help with the passcode for the webinar


Sortry got it !!!

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Thanks Tufan… saw to late that it was on the first post.
Apologies about that !!!

It was a great session. Thank you frappe team

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Thank You everybody for joining, I will update the link of today’s webinar recording (if possible) over here.

By then, register for ERPNext Conference from here.
Enroll in new courses at Frappe School to learn ERPNext and Frappe Framework.


Thanks buddy :smile:

Hi all

What time is today’s session ?

If we missed webinar will it be uploaded to YouTube or anywhere else we can listen to it?