Odoo 8 sample/demo database

Hello just wanted to check with Odoo developers here if someone has a dump of a realistic Odoo database (version 8?). We are exploring building an odoo->erpnext migration tool.


odoo comes with a demo database. Practically each time you create a new database from within the GUI you can choose to load the demodata with it.

Wouldn’t that be something to work with?

I was hoping someone can save me the trouble of installing Odoo and just give me the dump of the dummy database.

Hi @rmehta,

This is a great initiative! I saw the repo and I was wondering… :wink: I have got a version 7 running in production but I also have version 8 already setup on one of my servers and I can generate a dump with the demo data. Unfortunately, am a bit tied up right now. In case you aren’t in a big hurry and don’t get some other help I can have it in about two days…

@weakref awesome thanks!

Just take a simple postgres dump and mail me a dropbox link or something. Should take like ~5 mins!

I made a dump with demo data … just couldn’t manage to get it transferred so far. Can you provide some location where to put it?

Odoo has a bug that causes problems with multi-company/multi-databases.
The bug cause undesired results such as an unauthenticated user will be
greeted by the database chooser, vs a default web page. For this reason
I can’t get to my already installed sample DB, nor would I want to install
a second DB on any of my systems.

Sorry I can’t help by providing the DB for you, but I can suggest using TurnKey Linux prebuilt
VM with Odoo v8 as an easy way for you to get what you need.

@weakref @vrms @volkswagner thanks for your offers, I setup an instance on DO and got a dump myself. Will ping if I need any help!

You are welcome @rmehta and all the best!