[Off-Topic] Reconnections

Hello everyone,

It’s been some time since I’ve been deeply involved in our community. As some of you might be aware, I’ve spent the last two years laying the foundation for a new business venture and focusing on my mental well-being – because everyone deserves the best version of me!

This year, I am setting a personal goal to enhance my engagement within our community, particularly reaching out to Brazilians who are eager to explore the Frappé Framework. Additionally, I have planned to be in Mumbai from September 3rd to 15th, including a brief visit to Delhi.

While Frappé and ERPNext are exceptional tools, promoting and addressing issues single-handedly in a country like Brazil can be quite challenging.

To successfully navigate this journey in Brazil, I need to first rebuild my reputation in this community, where my journey began and where many others will start theirs.

This post is an open invitation to anyone who wishes to connect with me – whether you’re looking to get to know me better, or if my previous contributions have been of help to you. Let’s connect, exchange ideas, and discuss potential challenges. Perhaps I can offer assistance, or maybe you can provide me with insights!

Feel free to schedule a 30-minute meeting with me at: 30 minutes meeting | Maxwell Morais | Cal.com

Looking forward to many fruitful discussions and collaborations!

Best regards,
Maxwell Morais
ERPNext Community Member since 2012