Official Docker plans?

I thought since there are a few hundred posts about this already :wink: I’ll create another one.

Just read the official install instructions. There is the manual way, and the virtualbox images. Wouldn’t it be a huge timesaver to offer an official Docker that you can easily deploy on aws or similar!?

I also read the frappe bench instructions which seems to come with a docker which is great, but couldn’t find a quick guide on how to go from there to a full erpnext install.

Some useful posts here on the forum, but I think it would be great consolidating this info + the gotchas on how to get an instance up and running (and performing) onto the official docs page / installation

Check the repo readme, it’s index for docs

There are many docker specific docs in this repo, also there are more than one ways to start ERPNext with docker. Ranging from single server to cluster.

Also development and production docker setups are different.

In case of production setup again there is local, lan based setup and internet facing + letsencrypt installation.

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true that there are many options depending on performance needs.
what I was looking for was,

  1. a “no options” base setup…!
    basically the bare minimum to get up and running with minimal efforts
  2. perfomance guidelines/options, ie single docker with x RAM and cpu’s for sub 100mS page load perfomance with a system with 100.000+ transactions monthly

Still I would say that depends because of the variability of hardware, OS, constantly updating libraries/packages and the erpnext options you want to use from gamut

  1. Mind that this is not recommended no options base setup, but a limiting case.
    I have one docker image running with 2GB, 1 vCPU. I think that is what you would require minimum. 1vCPU may hang-in for a while while bench compile the scripts of app at time of installation. 2GB is required because approx 900MB+ is occupied with various components of erp infra viz. supervisor, cache. otherwise this is pretty ok config with decent response on ssd server with ubuntu-minimal 20.04. I tried reducing ram requirement under 1 GB by trying alpine (smallest of linux), but rather that complicates setup with various package missing which are assumed by python libraries.
  2. may be you can experiment and come up with recommendation to ERPNext community.
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