Offline and Online POS Difference

Hi. I have been testing V10 pos. Currently using ERPNext: v10.1.48 (master) Frappe Framework: v10.1.45 (master)I noticed that the offline and online pos are different in layout and function. If anyone can point out why is it so I would be thankful.

The POS profile in Offline Mode opens the POS profile settings page unlike Online POS where user can just change the location.

Screen of menu dropdown on Online POS

Once user has chosen a profile it should remain same through out the session. In Online and Offline mode POS when user clicks on New after printing receipt the profile goes back to default. This is needed when a cashier is moved from one location to another temporarily, How to keep it to the one chosen by user throughout the session. If user logs out and logs in only should the system pick up default profile.

POS Layout In Offline Mode

POS Layout in Online Mode

I would appreciate if folks who have used pos in retail extensively respond on this and share best practices.

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