Offline Installation

Is any easy way to install erpnext from download source offline on my ubuntu ?

I think this is what you need GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps

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tnx @vrms
no i first want to download clone and install erpnext offline
it means i want to download erpnext on some pc and install it on other pc that havent internet connection

you could use the virtual box download instead especially if this is for a test environment

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@Julian_Robbins tnx but i dont want use it for test

seems to me with ‘offline’ you mean, that you do not want your ERPNext instance to be accesible from the public internet, but only through your internal network, correct?

you can achieve that with the installation procedure I have posted above. It will actually be like that by default.

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no dear @vrms
i want to download source code or something like this
then i install program from source code ( not from net directly) because that pc that i want to install program on it dont have internet connection

why not give it a connection? you’ll need a network anyway to access ERPNext

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@vrms really ? Why ?

Technically, it might possible to download all dependencies, source and install it.

But there is a very good chance you’ll miss something or the other and wish you had the internet.

If you really don’t want to install the VM, then you should probably get the laptop/cabinet/hard disk and install it in a place with internet using bench/ at master · frappe/bench · GitHub

i will found some way