Offline Invoices not getting sync or created when print fail

Sometimes after a transaction through offline POS , the print button does not get pressed (no response from print button)-
at that scenario on refresh the pos invoice which was completed does not get created in sales invoice nor does it show in pos queue - like the sales invoice never existed-
also the customer created for that transaction does not get created.

working on v8-chrome browser, i3 desktop(older version)

Does this happen from time to time?- because data loss is a big issue -
if not tell me the possible reasons for it or resolve if its actually a bug.


Hi @kt2152

There should be a JS trace in your console log. Could you post that here? It’d help in diagnosing the issue


Hi @kt2152

Any update on this issue?

Kind regards,

It is a intermittent random issue ,
i have upgraded my PC since then and till now the issue is yet to show up.

if the problem still arises i will post the trace if its present.

I am not sure but does caching play a part in it? like old pc was not saving the invoices in browser cache because it was getting stuck or something…

is there like a minimum system requirement for ERPNext?


Hi @wale,

The issue has occurred again and here is the error log on console.

Uncaught ReferenceError: offline_pos_name is not defined
at eval (eval at frappe.template.compile (desk.min.js?ver=1509633912.0:2731), :4:4157)
at Object.frappe.render (desk.min.js?ver=1509633912.0:2745)
at HTMLAnchorElement. (:2230:22)
at HTMLAnchorElement.dispatch (jquery.min.js:3)
at HTMLAnchorElement.$event.dispatch (report.min.js?ver=1509633912.0:3011)
at HTMLAnchorElement.r.handle (jquery.min.js:3)

This error comes everytime i try to press print and the invoice doesn’t sync …
after refresh or opening POS in new tab the print and sync starts working for same items and same everything without error…

i cannot identify the root cause as it happens randomly…
but it can causes a lot of data and financial loss as untracked sales.
can you help.


I will truly encourage you to suspend use of the offline mode in a production environment for now.


Thank for the suggestion @olamide_shodunke ,
But we have high dependency on taking customers phone number and email address on the go ,
we keep track of customers by their phone number and mail them the receipts.

The only thing thats stopping us to shift to online mode is that we cannot create customers with their phone and email like in offline mode…

I think this issue still needs to be addressed and taken into consideration .
@wale any luck?


Hi @kt2152

Sorry about this. I also have one POS installation on V9 and got complaints about missing invoices over the weekend. I’ve created a Github issue and will follow up for resolution. Missing transactions are totally unacceptable in retail!

Kind regards,

Hello @wale,

Thank you for understanding,
could you please share the link to the github issue created, so that i could also follow up with all the updates.


Hi @kt2152

Sure! Please find below:


After you fixed it with the merge , every once in a while the print pop up does not show , the invoice is synced directly to once the sales invoice side, but the print option wont pop up in POS side .

inconsistency of pop up concerns the user as he is uncertain if something has gone wrong or not and whether the invoice is actually synced.

I hope you understand.


Hello Wale, please do you still experience missing invoices?

Hi @Ebuka_Joseph_Akeru

there are still complaints about the occasional missing invoice especially in high-volume retail environments… that’s why we are mainly using the online POS although that has it’s own obvious challenge too (dependence on internet connectivity)

I think most of us have come to agree that such issues with offline POS may be very difficult to resolve as long as the local browser storage is being used


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I think we may have fixed missing invoices issue in our offline pos app. This is purely based on no complaints (touchwood) from multiple clients for quite some time now. Have seen the app being forked so guess others are also using it.

Hello @Muzzy, which POS is this? ERPNext POS or else?

ERPNext pos app. Works on V11. Haven’t updated for V12. @TurkerTunali. In production at about 10 installation.


Seems this is still an issue on V12, Please were you able to mitigate this ?