Offline POS In Version-13

Is offline POS removed in version13?

Yes it was removed

Could you please explain why? I’m having trouble understanding the difference between the two modes in the first place. Which one should I use in v12?

If you want Offline POS then V12 is the version. V13 does not have offline POS

Offline POS syncs data at start of POS. It works when internet connection is broken as it uses browser cache memory to store the information. Every 3 minutes or so it sends and receives data from server. Good for places where consistent internet can be an issue.

V13 works differently. Each terminal is a complete ERPNext in itself. It uses event streaming to synchronise information with parent server b

Thanks for clarifying. V13’s implementation sounds cool, but I wonder if it’s isn’t a step back if it doesn’t support offline transactions.


This offline is very useful.
I still don’t understand why it was depreciated.

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