Offline POS - loging the details to local files


Is there any way to store the offline POS records to in a local file like text or something…

Customer is afraid is there any chance of missing in offline records …

Please comments

There’s no such functionality out of the box. You can commission it but we’ll be glad to merge it into ERPNext.

@tundebabzy there are still bigger issues with the offline PoS.

The biggest reason I cannot use it is the fact that it allows transactions that are not paid fully to be saved and printed.

Using the online module I can make the setting credit limit zero and that’s that…no one can submit an unpaid invoice. .but this is not possible using offline mode .

Any help ? I really want to use the offline mode

Can we have an option where full payment at PoS is compulsory ?

Or is there a way we can define rights to make it impossible for certain users to save invoices whose payment is not completed yet?


Honestly, I think this is very important. Let’s create an issue for this on github.

Ok will do so


Issue created on Github

We are willing to pay for this if it will hasten the process


One more points , offline pos , is it possible to keep the invoice number as series instead of as a time stamp.

It is mandatory to keep invoice number as series as per VAT Compliance .



It’s difficult to maintain naming series number for the offline POS. For example User A has created 3 invoice in offline mode and same time User B has created 3 invoice in online mode. For offline it’s difficult to get the actual running number of the naming series.
To fix this issue we need unique naming series per pos profile? If this works then we can implement the invoice number based on naming series instead of timestamp.

Hi @rohit_w

Good to have your attention, how difficult is it to implement the payment issue raised by me above?

It is really critical for us


I have checked the github issue which you have created and it’s good idea, soon I’ll start work on it.



Thanks @rohit_w , Even it is better to use unique series for each pos user , The main object it should be in series for VAT Compliance .

Cool! created github issue!

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Thanks @rohit_w

Hi @rohit_w

any update on this?



I meant the issue below, you did promise to start work on it

Hello @rohit_w

I would like for this feature to be looked @.

In my opinion it should be one of the very essential features