Offline PoS - Sales Invoices stuck in local system

I have my first offline PoS install, server is hosted on AWS.

I just noticed that sales from cashiers using two of the terminals in the store are not updating to the server.

I checked the offline invoices on one of the systems and I have over 100 invoices spanning two days stuck there. All paid and submitted.

When I try and re-submit offline invoices one of the error messages I get is that valuation rate is missing for an item.

After noticing this errro I have customised the “Sales Invoice Item” Doc type to allow zero valuation rate. I have also uploaded valuation rate for all items without valuation rates.

Still I can’t submit the offline invoices, I still get the error message valuation rate not found.

Any help would be appreciated please. @rohit_w any clue ?



Hi @olamide_shodunke

Trust you’re doing great. Have you tried adding the valuation rate in the Item Master for the specific item giving the error?

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Thanks @wale
I do not know which particular item is causing the problem. I have over 100 invoices stuck

I however uploaded valuation rate for all items using the upload tool. So all items now have valuation rates.

Need ideas


System pulls valuation rate from the previous incoming entry records, if the rate not get then it checks in the item master and even if there is no valuation rate in item master then system checks respective item’s buying rate in the item price. I have checked on local system and it’s working properly. It seems that, in your account there is still some items which has no valuation rate.

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Hi @olamide_shodunke

Unfortunately, the queue for offline POS is not asynchronous and as a result, one transaction failing a validation holds up all subsequent transactions from syncing (this behavior really needs to be changed in ERPNext). However, the error message usually gives a pointer to the particular transaction holding up the queue

Could you provide the exact error message you’re getting here?

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Hi @wale

The error message is as follows

“Error: Value missing for Item: Valuation Rate”

@rohit_w we have checked every single item in the database …they all now have valuation rate.


For offline POS, the server side valuations are likely cached.

Think of how server side vadidations happen if your pos is offline? It caches the numbers to check against. So any changes made to the server is meaning less. (Too late)

Originally I had pointed to this. For offline POS there should be no server side validation.

Can you check if you can change the value of valuation rate in your browser? This could help. But also do some serious damage to your cached invoices. Make a paper print and then try.

Good luck.

Thanks @Not_a_countant

I have over 100 invoices stuck covering about 200 items. How do I change valuation in the browser ?

@rohit_w is that the way it works ?

If so is there anything we can relax temporarily on the server side to make the transactions go?


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Hi Olamide, I haven’t used Offline POS & haven’t experienced this.
So unfortunately, I am only able to do a “post-mortem” of the symptoms or what could be the problem.

Any other experienced users who can help?
Good Luck.

Hi @olamide_shodunke

Could you pls confirm how you uploaded valuation rate for the items? Did you set it in the Item master? Also, is this a non-serialized item and what method of valuation (FIFO, Moving Average) are you using?

Regarding server side validations, the sync usually goes through successfully once the issue causing the error is fixed. All you need to do is reload the POS page and wait a few seconds or click the ‘Sync Offline Invoices’ button


Hi @wale

I used the date import tool and uploaded into the valuation rate field of item using the item import template

We are using moving average valuation method.
I have reloaded and clicked “sync offline” many times .

I am growing crazy here…lol

Hi Rohit

Any other ideas ?? The items all have valuation rates.

Another system just started having the same issue …Submitted items not syncing


Another error message Am getting from the error logs

ValidationError: Total Payment Amount in Payment Schedule must be equal to Grand / Rounded Total

Insight anyone?

Do you have a bit more details? How did you by pass the original error?

Original error still there

Ok Team ERPNext, lets do this.

I have had this issue now for 72 hours.

This issue is not unique to me as other people have complained about it.

About 5 of us (that I know of on this forum) are at the forefront of using the PoS module, so we will be meeting new challenges that we will solve, so that the people/users coming after us will have a smooth sailing.

I need help to solve this particular issue, I am willing to give access to the server (AWS) or systems in order to resolve this challenge.

Itś a live client hence the desperation.

@tundebabzy @rohit_w @rmehta please help, its an offline PoS situation and hundreds of sales invoices are stuck on three different point of sales and not synchronised to the server. Error Message are

ValidationError: Total Payment Amount in Payment Schedule must be equal to Grand / Rounded Total

valuation rate is missing for a item.

Please Help

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Is that an error you found on the server or in your browser window? Thanks

The two errors are found on the browser window @ PoS

ValidationError: Total Payment Amount in Payment Schedule must be equal to Grand / Rounded Total is found in the error log list whenever we try to submit offline invoices

Ok, so you might want to focus your attention to the browser cache. Are you able to look at the copy of browser cache and see details of each transaction. Most likely it’s the first ones (earliest).

Will try and feed you back