[Offtopic] National IDs in Philippines and Morocco & many African Countries

Hello community,

In my personal capacity, I was introduced to this open source tool called MOSIP that is loosely based on India’s Aadhaar system (UIDAI). You can find more details here Modular Open Source Identity Platform · GitHub

This tool has been created with funding of more than $10M from Omidyar Network, Gates Foundation, Worldbank and others.

For Philippines citizens this is a really important time to be involved because the RFPs for implementation are going to be floated soon, and it would be a good time to have a look.

Important Disclaimers: I am in no way associated with this project, nor am I endorsing it. We in India did not get a chance to participate in the deployment of our own national ID. I am not for or against national IDs, but just wanted to share this information with our Philippines and Morocco communities since this could be of impact to them. There might also be significant commercial opportunity here.

There have been articles in magazines like the Economist that many African countries have been lined up for implementation as well. There is currently very little public engagement on the GitHub repos, and I think people should be more aware.

Please feel free tag people from these countries on this thread. CC @laurence @ccfiel



Thank you @hereabdulla