Old custom doctype can't be edited/amended

Hi all,

2 years ago we created a specific custom doctype to adress our needs.
Today, we had changes in our process and we wanted to amend our doctype.
However, when accessing the doctype the concerned rows are either not there or the change are not taking efffect.
We have contacted support, but it seems it is not there job to solve the issue…
Here some screen shot to clarify;

1-screenshot of the report concerned areas

As you can see the report shows:

  • a section break called treatment plan and corrective actions
  • a section break called Care provided and recommendations
  • a child table (CPT)

2-Screenshot of the doctype of Medical report shows otherwise

  • Row 69, seems to be the first section break but when modifying any property (i.e here green color) the change doesn t apply

  • Row 74, seems to be the second section break but as no value ? although report say otherwise…

  • Where is the row for CPT table that should normally be in Row 75 ?
    How can i modify the properties of that row has it doesn’t show ?

Thank you for any help you can provide
Ps; We are hosted by erpnext so we do not have admin rights

Yes Frappe develop the patches required to migrate user data with each version upgrade.

And the understanding is customizations are not theirs to migrate and maintain; users need to find their own individual support for this implementation work.

A search on ‘migrate customizations’ gives clues to that task for eg Find & Migrate Customized Fields

One option is to reimplement your old customizations in a standard V11 self-hosted instance, then restore your data into that. To iterate troubleshoot and fix problems may require developer skills. Fortunately your customizations seem not that extensive to have to resolve.

Thanks John :slight_smile:
After one week trying to explain the issue to support they came to the same conclusion. Indeed, this customization is very light, so we were able to manage it
For those who might be facing similar issues,The best way to solve such issue is to go in the custom fields related to the doctype , delete it and then add it again to the doctype :slight_smile:
Works fine :slight_smile:
Again , thanks john

Thanks Manu for your encouraging followup tip -

For users who report their old v10 custom scripts, print dialogs and so on refuse to work in v11 - rather than try or hope to discover where the problem lies, why not just reimplement these as you have done to perhaps master their domain once again…