On change for select type is triggered twice

I have a filter in my page of type “Select”. On change is called twice when we select value in this field/ How to handle this

If you have written any code then please share it.

Pls find my code here

on change is called twice

Hi @shreelaxmi,

Instead of defining the onchange event within the frappe.ui.form.make_control configuration, you can try binding the event separately outside the configuration.

Please try it.

me.start_shift = frappe.ui.form.make_control({
    parent: me.page.find(".start-shift-field"),
    df: {
        fieldtype: "Select",
        label: ("Start Shift"),
        fieldname: "start_shift",
        default: "Morning",
        options: ["MORNING", "EVENING"],
        reqd: 1,
        render_input: true

me.start_shift.$input.on("change", function() {
    if (me.start_shift.get_value()) {

Thank You!

okay, thanks