On each deployment, the role permission I assigned for users in Server is changing

On each deployment, the role permission I assigned for particular role in “Open Role Permission Manager” is changing.
I had done fixtures for “Roles” before and later I removed the fixtures.Still the role permission is changing .
Any help?

@Sebin_P_Sabu there is a doictype where your all permissions were saved you can check Custom DocPerm & you can add these in fixtures. so once deployment or migrate is there your role & permissions will not change…

Thanks for the reply @aashishvashisht6 ,
Can you name the doctype where the role permissions are saved?I didn’t find one. I only know “Open Roles and Permission Manager”

@Sebin_P_Sabu you can’t find it in search or in the workspace. To find this you need to go to Doctype List and then search Custom DocPerm then after opening this doctype there is one button in the right corner Go To Custom DocPerm where you can find all roles & Permissions…

Thank you @aashishvashisht6 ,
I got the doctype. So after adding role permissions in Local, in hooks.py file , giving fixtures as :

fixtures = [{"dt":"Custom DocPerm"}] is enough ?

@Sebin_P_Sabu yes & export these fixtures in the custom app & run bench migrate…

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