On PDF not translated into Chinese font

  1. On PDF- Square box is appearing

on print it showing correct after that en when i generate pdf it converted into pdf but not translated the Chinese language

  1. We have also hit this command also to solve this

sudo apt-get install language-pack-zh

I used frappe v13
Erp v13
wkhtmltopdf version 0.12.3 also i tried 0.12.5
But same issue

run these commands

sudo apt-get install ttf-wqy-zenhei -y
sudo apt-get install ttf-wqy-microhei -y

more FAQ issues in Chinese, please refer to ERPNext常见问题: ERPNext中文本地化推广相关文档及问题解答, 降低中小企业自主实施ERPNext的门槛 助力中小企业公平、低成本享受开源信息化成果 提升中小企业国际竞争力

@szufisher thank you i will try

@szufisher thank you it works for me.

Thankyou for this. We were struggling in our KisanMitra (farmer helpline) for translating into Telugu font when we print pdf, we used the below command and were able to render PDF’s properly.

sudo apt-get install fonts-indic

@surajshetty FYI