On Refresh Email Account Issue

After reload any page getting this pop on screen. Guys can you please help me how to resolve this problem

Thanks you

Complete your email account setup this will not shown again.

done with eamail account setup but still getting this error again and again on every refresh

Hi @vivek22793,

Even I was getting this error earlier on every refresh.

By unchecking awaiting password in email account, this problem was solved.


Thank you for your reply @Sujay
I followed steps which you have mentioned but still i am getting same popup.
Can you please help me with this.

Hi @vivek22793,

I was testing this earlier, where I had created a email account for myself. While setting up I had checked the “Awaiting Password” and completed the setup process.

After this setup on every refresh I was getting this error.

Later on I unchecked the “awaiting password”, and entered the password and saved it.

After this the popup had stopped.

I tried multiple times but still getting the same error again and again.