Onchange function

May I know how to do this onchange function in ERPNext.
This function has been in odoo13.

def onchange_autofill(self):
    if self.autofill:
        product_categories = self.env['product.category'].search([('parent_id', '!=', False)])
        annual_point_scheme_lines = []
        for category in product_categories:
            annual_point_scheme_lines.append((0, 0, {'categ_id': category.id, 'point_assigned': 1}))

        self.annual_point_scheme_lines = annual_point_scheme_lines

Hi @Kavitha,

Please, Do not compare erpnext with odoo.
both are different platforms, different methods, and events.
Form Script:-> Form Scripts


ok @NCP In ERPNext how to do
Child Table Main=> click Add row=> child Table 1 => click Add row=> child Table 2

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