One batch ID contain multiple item code, is that possible?

We know so far one batch ID only contain one item. is that possible to let one batch ID contain multiple item?

BTW, we saw there is a field called parent_batch, what does that use for?

No, one batch ID is used for a single Item Code only.

Could you post a screenshot for this?

Thanks for reply.
For example like this in Stock → Batch

I have batch ID 200520 which contain Item code 5018600001 , that’s it.
one batch ID cannot contain more than one item code. but one item code can have lots of batch ID which means that item has lots of batch.
We want not only one item has lots of batch but also one batch has lots of items. now there is no way to make it.
And when we do filtering on page batch, we saw field called parent_batch like this
We don’t know what does that use for.


Hello @ithelpdesk, I have same problem. Do you solve this?