One bench , multi site installing problem with subdomains


first off, thanks for all your efforts to make ERP system simple and easy.

but I would like to inform you that … installing ERPNEXT is still complicated.

1- no one guide which helps you to install it from a to z.
2- you have to search by yourself here and there to find an answer.
3- of course, I will write a topic about my story when finished installing completely
4- I am a programmer and an advanced user (win & linux & mac) but it is still complicated
5- my situation is

I have done bench init mybench & cd mybench then
bench config dns_multitenant on
bench new-site site1
bench new-site site2
bench new-site site3

after that install erpnext for each site and add custom domain for each site
bench setup add-domain --site site1
bench setup add-domain --site site2
bench setup add-domain --site site3

after that i run sudo bench setup production username

i have point my subdomains to my ip server like

nginx -t is ok and everything is ok except

when visiting my website with ip or i got " Sorry!
We will be back soon." page

when visiting my website with ip … my site is working great

when visiting my website with ip or i got
" This site can’t be reached ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"

so could you guide me plz how to solve it?

ps. i thought its from nginx configuration maybe right?

@adals You have to run bench config dns_multitenant on, then bench setup nginx and sudo service nginx reload for multi-site to become active.

i did
bench config dns_multitenant on
bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx reload

and the problem is still the same

maybe it could help

this is a gist from my nginx server block

server blocks

server {

listen 80;


root /home/username/mybench/sites;

@adals sorry i forgot to mention there’s a requirement that doesn’t get installed on first run. Run ./env/bin/pip install werkzeug==0.16.0 from mybench directory and then bench restart. This should fix the do not panic issue.

One thing to note though it is always advisable to complete the setup of one site before adding other sites.

thanks but i did it but same problem is still

thanks I will follow it later but how to solve my problem right now

Well i’m out of ideas. Maybe someone else can help. I have two multi-site instances running and i used the easy install script to set them up after which i added more sites after initializing the first site.

ok thanks for your help
i am waiting someone could help me

could you please describe your way maybe it could help me and more people later ?