One customer with multi currency

Hello all,
We have supplier and customer but in standard there is only one billing currency.
In ERPNext we can not create USD ,KRW and CAD for one customer and supplier.
I thought it’s because we settup billing currency in customer. But in standard feature block multi currency transaction in one custmer.

I am just wondering about why multi currency transaction for one customer is not allowd.
I want to create like this.
A Customer : Sales Invoice (USD) AR /Sales (USD)
A Customer : Sales Invoice (KRW) AR/Sales (KRW)

Should we separate customer or is there any other options for this? And the main thing is if we set the Account currency in INR then it will allow to create transaction but then what about the auto gain loss in Payment entry.

I beleive you can go to the Customer accoutning settings and set up a non-standard receivable account. Similarly for your supplier, you can set up non-standard payable account. Try it out and let us know if it works. It’s been a while since I needed to deal with multiple currencies.

actually, the problem is if the account currency is INR then linking with a non-standard receivable account then system will allow to creation of transactions but how to calculate auto gain loss and how to manage the exchange rate in Payment entry in that case

Does this help?